The Mini Coffee Company Story

Enjoy the small things – that was the humble beginning of Mini Coffee Company. The two Mini’s have been in the family for many years – one a student car and the other one a restoration project that took almost a decade. The enjoyment of these cheeky and fun little cars is priceless – just like a decent cup of coffee. The idea of combining these two pleasures sounded cool to some people and practically far-fetched to others.  

 A few years ago, I decided to attend business school. I had to apply for a student loan to fund the studies and desperately needed an extra income to make ends meet. During this time my parents surprised me with a gift – an almost 20-year-old espresso machine. They hoped it can help me kickstart my Mini Coffee idea and generate some extra income.  

Studying part-time while working a full-time job is challenging, but it does have its benefits. I reached a point where I was under so much pressure to balance my private life, work, studies, and bank account that I was forced to make the Mini Coffee idea work. 

OK, so there I was with a coffee machine, a Mini, an idea, but no clue how to put it together. After months of talking, weeks of daydreaming, long nights of planning, pages full of concepts, hours of sitting in the mini; it hit me out of nowhere. I woke up one morning, knew exactly what I need to do and did it. 

I built the coffee machine into the Mini, hooked two events out of the blue and Mini Coffee Company was born. Unfortunately, I still had to pay off my student loan and needed much more than two random events to survive. I decided to sell coffee in the mornings before work.  

During that time, we had the graduation ceremony for our hard-earned MBA degrees. By then most of my classmates already got promotions or new career opportunities. So, there I was graduating, with my second master’s degree, selling coffee in front of the church hall in the small town of Rawsonville – out of a mini…Can you imagine what went through peoples’ minds?! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.  

Then one morning a local photographer stopped by for a coffee. She took a photo, posted it on Facebook and from that moment on Mini Coffee Company rocket launched from a rescue buoy to a business!  

The business started mini but is growing HUGE. Since our first event, Mini Coffee Company has welcomed the second rockstar mini to the block and established our own blend of premium coffee beans. We have evolved from a mini business to an exciting brand and invite you to be part of the adventure.  

Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do. I’m enjoying every single second of the journey and I hope you will enjoy it with us. 

Have fun.